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Yes, you are an excellent person and we were waiting for you. We are really happy to see you here. We're always looking for great content. If you've got an idea that will challenge our visitors, guest and move our website forward, we want to hear about it. But you don't need to wait for an idea that will change people's mind. Just aim to bring readers a fresh perspective on a topic that's keeping you up at night.

What can your write for us? 

Samaji accept almost all type of articles for the time being. So whatever the idea you got, you can share with us. You can write business, entertainment, science, technology, news, travel, tips and tricks, and etc.

  • Unique and distinctive Content

People are continuously looking for fresh stories and new ideas. It helps in encouraging reading and engaging. Hence, we’re always looking for some unique and out of the box content. This is what helps to make us different from others. If you have such an idea or story to tell just bring your typing keyboard and write for us.

To get a fresh idea, you better go through our website content and analyze what type of content we are publishing. In this way, you will get an idea of how we are proceeding and how you need to approach us with fresh ideas.

  • Simple and increase Curiosity

Initially, you might think to start with a big and broad content idea, for example, "How to start a startup with low capital". But in most cases, content with simplicity and a narrow approach does the best. Because They provide to the point and valuable content that attracts more audiences. For example “5 Things You Need to Know Before Investing in a Startup” or “ 8 Mistakes to avoid while starting a startup, all you need to do is to do deep research and make a strategy accordingly. Content must encourage people to read more and hunt for more information.

  • Use Examples

The most successful startup stories in startup.info offer valuable information to emerging startups and small businesses. Be to the point, Simple, Generic, and most importantly Engaging. Advice, Mistakes can only be easily understood with examples and readers can easily relate to themselves.

What we don't accept?

This is the important part. There are so many things people get confuse. So we should mention some points that we should say you.

  • Too much Promotion

if you are willing to write for us, Always remember guest posting is a way to show your knowledge and expertise in the field to your readers. They are not a platform for overly promoting services, offers, or companies.  Please note, Our readers come for Successful stories, Tips, and Advice on how to start and run a successful startup.

  • Already published Content

We do not publish articles that have already been published on our website. Even you made some changes to it. We only accept Unique and Original.

  • Copied Content

We do not accept Copied or plagiarized content on our website. And it is a serious violation of our policy which can lead to permanent deactivation and banning of your account.

  • Misleading information

You should not include any fake information or data in your content. You must give proper citations, credits, and quote the source of information on the article. Always try to use reliable information from authoritative sites or sources and give credit accordingly.

  • Use of Pics/images

You are not supposed to add any pic or image on your content before submission, because due to copyright issues, we do not allow it and if it’s required, we will add from our side end.

  • gambling, pornography, or erotic writing

We do not accept any kinds of writing that could ruin our profile and impact us on future.

You can add 1/2 link in your article.

It must be 100% unique and plagiarism-free. 

Befor and after publishing the article here, you can't publish on your personal blog also.

You can include a personal photo and the author's short bio.

Format of the file? 

You must use docx or microsoft document format to send us. Otherwise your article will be rejected.

How to Contact With US? 

You can direct email your article and pictures in email. Our email is "chenbella877@gmail.com" And if you are willing to write regularly then mention your email. I will add you as an author.


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