What would happen if mainland China cut off Taiwan’s energy supplies?

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This is the first in a two-part series on tensions between mainland China and Taiwan. Here, Jack Lau looks at what would happen if mainland China cut off Taiwan’s energy supplies.

Another sale went through last week.

On Tuesday the Pentagon gave the green light to a US$95 million contract with Taiwan for equipment and training for the island’s Patriot missile defence system.

The deal is just the latest in a string of US arms purchases by Taiwan to defend itself from a potential military assault from mainland China.

Beijing regards Taiwan as a Chinese province to be unified with the mainland and has not renounced the use of force to achieve that goal.

But observers say Beijing could deploy a less-risky, indirect weapon in its arsenal to help force the island into its fold – an energy blockade.

A blockade would affect the lives of everybody on the island, pushing up prices and isolating Taiwan to an extent that unification talks could be a real option, they say.

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