Slovakian Parliamentary committees voice support for Taiwan's bid to participate in WHA

Taiwan's bid to participate in WHA

Both the Foreign Affairs and Health committees of Slovakia's parliament, the National Council, passed resolutions affirming Taiwan's achievements in pandemic prevention and supporting its participation in the World Health Assembly (WHA) as an observer.

The Foreign Affairs Committee praised Taiwan for sharing medical supplies with the international community, CNA reported. The Health Committee said that Taiwan has managed the COVID-19 pandemic very well over the past two years while maintaining solid economic growth.

Both committees lauded Taiwan's humanitarian assistance to Ukraine.

Last year, only the Foreign Affairs Committee decided to back Taiwan's participation in the World Health Organization forum. This year, however, both it and the Health Committee passed resolutions calling for this.

Taiwan's envoy to Slovakia Li Nan-yang (李南陽) expressed gratitude to the central European country. He said medical care knows no borders and that Taiwan's participation in the WHA would enable it to contribute to global health care in areas such as medical technology and public health.

The 75th WHA will take place from May 22-28.

Source: Taiwan News

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