McCarthy says Ukraine invasion should serve as ‘lesson’ for arming Taiwan


House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said the Russian invasion of Ukraine should serve as a "lesson" for a possible Chinese invasion of Taiwan, arguing President Biden needs to act sooner on beefing up Taiwan’s military so it can have a better chance of defending itself.

During an Easter morning appearance on "Fox News Sunday," McCarthy, R-Calif., slammed the Biden administration for being too slow to provide arms to Ukraine ahead of the invasion.

"This is going to get stronger and rougher," McCarthy said. "And what really needs to happen is, Ukraine is not asking for American men and women to fight. All they're asking for is the weapons to defend themselves. If we would have taken those actions earlier, instead of waiting until after Russia invaded, they probably never would have invaded had we done that sooner."

McCarthy said acting sooner on arming Ukrainians would have "saved thousands of lives" and likely would have deterred Russian President Vladimir Putin from invading in the first place.

"I had this discussion with President Biden long before, when he just would threaten sanctions after Putin entered. I believe Putin never worried about the sanctions. He only looks at, could he be deterred from entering Ukraine?" McCarthy said. "Ukraine was craving the ability to defend themselves. Had we moved the weapons to Ukraine earlier, that they could defend themselves, it would have saved thousands of lives and probably the decision of Putin not to enter."

"And then after Putin entered, we had President Biden tell us, ‘Well, the sanctions take a long time to work.’ And then the president denied Ukraine and denied Poland for providing MiGs to Ukraine to protect themselves on a flyover," he continued. "All of that is a wrong action going forward."

McCarthy said the president must learn from his mistakes on Ukraine in the event China decides to move militarily against Taiwan.

"What we need to do is learn from here … but also look to the future of what China is doing," he said. "Taiwan has been waiting more than a year for weapons they've already purchased to defend themselves. Let democracies defend themselves. This is a lesson we should learn today."

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