Chinese nationals still banned from entering Taiwan

Chinese nationals

Chinese nationals are still temporarily banned from entering Taiwan, the Mainland Affairs Council (MAC) said on Sunday (April 24).

The MAC said that as COVID-19 is still spreading in China, Chinese nationals have been banned from entering Taiwan since March 7, the Liberty Times reported. Only those who have a Taiwan residence permit, Chinese spouses or children of Taiwanese citizens or foreign residents, students approved by Taiwan’s Ministry of Education, or those coming for business purposes are allowed in, the council said.

The MAC said that it will adjust policies for Chinese nationals wishing to visit relatives in Taiwan in a timely manner, based on the overall domestic and foreign pandemic situation and the implementation of community epidemic preventative measures, per the Liberty Times.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs on April 12 said that relatives of Taiwanese citizens and foreign residents, with the exception of migrant workers, can begin applying for a visitor visa effective immediately.

To apply for a visa, relatives must present proof of their relationship to the Taiwanese citizen or foreign resident they are planning to visit. Those who were previously issued a special entry permit that expired between May 19 and Aug. 18, 2021, can reapply at no extra cost.

Source: Taiwan News 

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